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I love encouraging others to pursue their dreams.


I am dedicated, passionate and knowledgable.

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Peter Hartman, speaker, consultant, and teacher, enjoys a life of personal empowerment development. Using positive thinking principles, he shares common sense approaches to creating prosperity for individuals, collectives, and organizations.

For more than 6 years, he has been encouraging audiences to redefine their assumptions about how life should be. Drawing from science, philosophy, and spirituality, he aims to be a catalyst to powerful yet simple understanding.

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He also spends his time organizing community discussions in an effort to stimulate conversation and to encourage the average person to take part in personal and social change.

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“You are always a hairsbreadth away from an idea that can change your entire life.”



Passion gets me out of bed in the morning. It also keeps me up at night.

I believe that the greatest contribution you can make in this world is to be willing to follow your passion. When you begin the habit of enjoying life, obstacles become tantalizing dares; the boundaries of life begin to tease and taunt you toward grand adventures. What’s more, passionate individuals inspire others to action. They radiate desire and are more likely to transform the world with their vision.

I can think of no better way to spend my time than to help reenergize people, and restore to them the curious and playful spirit that is their due.

“Nothing you do now will change the past, but even the smallest action in this moment will influence your entire future.”



I’m a joyful and inspired person who loves to stimulate minds and hearts.

“The books you buy, and the seminars you attend, are less important than the attitude with which you experience them. ”

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